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Luckyboysunday is a luxury and modern design brand from Denmark.

The creative designers Camilla Koerschen and Camilla Ebdrup both have a background in fashion and art. In 2007 they opened their own studio. They look at the world of children in an artistic way.
The designs are not common, sometimes somewhat unusual, poetic and artistically sensitive.

All Luckyboysunday designs are produced in Bolivia. There, the alpacas are bred for their precious wool and Fair Trade principles work together with the local and poor people. These talented Bolivian women knit for a fair wage. This using only the highest quality wool, which is as soft as cashmere. They make the dreams of LuckyBoySunday come to life.

Design for children and adults with a wink, that is LuckyBoySunday.

View the collection for the nursery and the living room and get to know Pale Nulle, Bow Jovi, Miss White, Snoop, Bon Bon Blue, Bon Bon Rose, Mause Doll, Pepe, Little Pepe, Gorby, Bad Eye Lily and like those other softies . Not only do we sell the Lucky Secret friends at Bon Bon Bleu, we also sell pillows, rugs, accessories and recently also children's bed linen in three different bed sizes.

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LuckyBoySunday Bunty

LuckyBoySunday Bunty, she's a babe With her shy look, she wr..

LuckyBoySunday Birdie Rose

LuckyBoySunday Birdie Rose is just like sweetheart Rose a re..

LuckyBoySunday Nulle Chair Pillow

LuckyBoySunday Zero Chair Pillow is truly a real couch patat..

LuckyBoySunday Sweetheart Chair Pillow Mint

LuckyBoySunday Sweetheart Chair Pillow Mint is a beautifully..

LuckyBoySunday Bobby Rug Small / Rug

Beautiful carpet from the brand LuckyBoySunday. A real eye-c..

LuckyBoySunday Bobby Pillow Case Crystal

Beautiful cushion of 100% Alpaca wool from the LuckyBoySunda..

LuckyBoySunday Sweetheart Chair Pillow Rose

LuckyBoySunday Sweetheart Chair Pillow Rose is a beautifully..

LuckyBoySunday Mause Doll

LuckyBoySunday Mause Doll is a beautiful hug, hand made from..

LuckyBoySunday Bad Eye Lily

`Bad eye lilly got an eye and it turned bath`. Despite the i..

LuckyBoySunday Flap Ear Rattle Red

This Flap ear hears very well and is certainly the most curi..

LuckyBoySunday Little Nulle

Little Nulle is made of super soft fake fur, but sssssssssss..

LuckyBoySunday Pale Nulle

LuckyBoySunday Pale Nulle is concerned about the weather. A ..

LuckyBoySunday Balthazar

Balthazar is a good old friend and a wonderful hug from Luck..

LuckyBoySunday Sweetheart Rose

LuckyBoySunday Sweetheart Rose has enchanted you with her he..

LuckyBoySunday Sweetheart Chair Pillow Grey

LuckyBoySunday Sweetheart Chair Pillow Gray is a beautifully..

LuckyBoySunday Mini Gorby

Mini Gorby is a small crook from the latest collect..

LuckyBoySunday Gorby

LuckyBoySunday Gorby is a cool dude!
If you need a hand, jus..

LuckyBoySunday Gorby Rug

We are a fan of Gorby! LuckyBoySunday too and have made a ru..

LuckyBoySunday Stanley Delarge

Stanley is looking for his glass of milk ..... Will you help..

LuckyBoySunday Little Peppe Doll

"Little peppe is out walking about, looking for his friends"

LuckyBoySunday Baby Mause

LuckyBoySunday Baby Mause is a little baby friend for the sm..

LuckyBoySunday Birdie Blue

LuckyBoySunday Birdie Blue is the blue sister of Birdie Rose..

LuckyBoySunday Lucky Noodoll Gift tags

Nice stickers to brighten up your presents. Again completely..

LuckyBoySunday Favourite Place Pillow Yellow

With this beautiful pillow in the shape of a house you can c..
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